Friday, 26 April 2013

Don't Starve: An Insight and Pre-Review

At the time of writing of this, I am just about to start my ninth attempt of surviving Don’t Starve.  This time I will play as the Librarian, one of the many characters in this game, as she has a tech increase, and I may be able to get a head start on making my base without the much needed science machine.  You see, it can take a lot of time to get this crucial item made, and time is a very important part of Don’t Stave’s gameplay; if you waste it, and don’t prepare for the winter, you will die. There are many ways that you can meet your end, even before winter comes and tries to freeze your beard off, you can starve (of course); be killed by one or more of the various monsters or food sources; or go insane…
Screen cap of my out of control fire

So far I have managed all of them, and have yet to survive through the winter, even playing different characters with different bonuses, such as a larger stomach or being able to grow a beard or even being able to start better fires.  Though it’s not hard to start massive fires, in fact, I managed to set an entire forest alight once, and then myself too.

For what can be considered a point and click game, it’s quite difficult, actually really difficult, but it’s so addictive.  I have only had the game for a short time, and have managed to put in a considerable amount of hours already, I just can’t stop, as soon as I die, “whoops, let’s start a new world”.  Even now, typing this up, I have the slightly creepy title song stuck in my head, and am thinking about what each of the character’s say as they interact with objects in their simple, but oh so pretty, world.

Monsters waiting in the darkness
I’m already thinking about how I’m going to set my base up, depending on how the map randomly generates, and whether or not I will be able to farm pigs and beefalo for manure and meat.  If I can create a base near one of these creatures, then I will be able to farm plants and place them close to my base, but not too close, as during the summer the storms can create lightning, which can set everything on fire, and ruin all that hard work (again).

Honestly, I can’t believe this game is still in Beta, it is already so amazing and so fun, and with the updates occurring on a regular basis, it can only get better.   There is so much thought, and so much detail which really captures ones imagination.  It really is a game that anyone, regardless of their demographic, can play.  So jump on Steam, grab a copy, and Don’t Starve!

Written by Steff Webb

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  1. Wow I've never even heard of a game called 'Dont Starve' before. I'm thinking I might get a copy on Steam since it looks like the type of game I wouldn't mind playing.