Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blog and Facebook and YouTube, Oh My!

Hello Blog Followers!

Today is just a general update for you all concerning this blog, and our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Our Facebook is off to a great start with over 50 people liking it so far. If you haven’t already please do, as we have some giveaways lined up!  We update Facebook regularly and all Knights have access and can/will respond. - FACEBOOK

Will and Mitch have been playing Resident Evil 4, and are currently uploading Let’s Plays for it, which is pretty exciting.  The first four rounds are online and ready to watch, so check it out here - Round 1

Lastly our Blog!
June is going to be a pretty awesome month; there are a few big titles such as Remember Me, Last of Us and Deadpool.  Finishing off this month is Grid 2, which I personally am quite looking forward too.  There will also be more Top 10s, Overtimes and RETROspects, so you can get to know who we are and what we like to play.

Give us a shout on Facebook, YouTube or here, we would love to hear from you!


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