Thursday, 2 May 2013

Overtime Gaming - Afterfall: Insanity

This week I’ve been putting a lot of time into a new game I picked up on Steam called Afterfall: Insanity. It’s a third person psychological-scifi-horror game developed by Intoxicate StudiosTaking a lot of ideas from Dead Space and adding its own flavor, Afterfall follows a more post-apocalyptic story line.

Our hero is a psychiatrist who has insomnia, and is struggling to keep his nightmares and reality separated. This gives us the early idea that Tokaj (pronounced Toe-kai) might be a little bit unhinged, and this impression escalates throughout the story.  Tokaj has been sent on a mission to find out why people elsewhere in their underground shelter have begun to act strange. It’s simple but gets the game started quickly and is interesting enough to keep you wanting to know more.

Afterfall has some pretty grisly moments
The game play is designed around a fairly well rounded shooter and being able to use a number of melee weapons to whale on your enemies is pretty grand.  There is also a useful dodge ability which is very helpful in the narrow corridors when enemies start attacking from all directions.  This occurs regularly, as the level design is rather claustrophobic, and can make for some tense combat.  There isn’t a massive array of foes, fast or slow and with or without weapons, and you find yourself against the same variation often but somehow I am still enjoying it. 

Afterfall: Insanity grabbed my attention with its B movie horror plot and interesting setting, the voice acting is pretty wooden but it just adds to the atmosphere. This may seem bad but when put together in just the right way you get something special, it falls between the layers of good and bad and somehow becomes charming and enjoyable. It is by no means perfect, or even close for that matter,  but it is only ten dollars AUS on the Steam store, so if you are looking for something with a B movie level of cheesiness  or an atmospheric survival shooter than you might want to give Afterfall: Insanity a look.
            - William Flynn

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