Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top Ten - Scariest moments in Fatal Frame 2

Welcome to Final Rounds top ten! This time I am looking at the horror epic that is Fatal Frame 2 (also known as Project Zero 2). This is my list so if you think there are scarier moments, comment below and let me know!

Number 10: Executing a Fatal Frame

This is where the player has to wait for the perfect moment to snap a photo of their attacker to vanquish there spirit.  The window is only open for a split second and if you miss, it can end Mio’s life in many horrific ways.

Number 9: The Hand on your Shoulder

When the game fully begins, your sister, Mayu, is trying to comfort you and places her hand on your shoulder, only to have Mayu stroll past you on your other side. It is unnerving to think that these spirits can get so close to you without even noticing them.

Number 8: The Woman in the Box

When you are low on health or in need of some film to keep the creeping horror away, you start to open every chest, draw and box you can find. Unfortunately there is a ghost who is in a special kimono box and as you open it she creeps out and away, looking elsewhere, before clambering after you.

Number 7: The Nail Marks

In a particularly unsettling hallway you can hear the screams of people dying and when you round the corner that leads into another room you see, off in the distance, someone dragging a body around the next corner. Once you have worked up the courage to investigate you find deep clawed marks in the floor and walls, presumably left behind by the people dragged to their deaths.

Number 6:  Your Twin Sister

As the game progresses, your own sister becomes something of a nightmare. Mayu begins to hear the voices of the dead and starts to follow their orders. I won’t say anymore but it gets rather crazy.

Number 5:  The Dark Room

Fatal Frame has some of the most disturbing cut scenes in video game history; one in particular sees your character walking slowly into an empty room, lightning flashes outside blinding her for a split second in which she stumbles over something. When lightning flashes once again the room is filled with dozens of bleeding corpses and a woman, Sae, standing amongst them, covered in blood and laughing hysterically.

Number 4:  The Spirit Radio

To solve some puzzles you will need clues, and they can come in the form of documents or spirit stones that you must put in your spirit radio.  The Radio then channels energy from the stone and leaves you with an eerie recording from the dead. This is an important part to the game and is horribly creepy to use, the voices which come through are filled with static and are unclear, all together, spine-chilling.

Number 3:  The Fallen Woman

The sound of someone falling to their death is unpleasing to anyone.  Imagine hearing that person relive their fatal fall over and over again.  In one area of the game you hear just that, and, unsure of where the sound is coming from, you push on down the hall where you are greeted by a stairwell and silence.  It’s not until Mio’s part way up the stairs that you hear it again, and in that moment in glorious slow motion you see the cause of such a disturbing sound.  A woman falls past you, catching your eye for a split second, and you then hear her plunge to her death at the bottom of the stairs with that same sickening thud.

Number 2:  Looking into the Abyss

For me, this is one of the creepiest things to have happened in any game ever. At the climax of the story, depending on difficulty level and how you have played, you glance into what is called the “Hellish abyss”. This is so terrifying that you actually go lose your eyesight. THAT IS MESSED UP.


Seriously, you drop your camera. And on top of dropping it, you have the laughing girl from the dark room scene chasing you relentlessly through the mansion. You have to figure out how to double back and to pick it up again without being caught, as the way you came was one way. All you can do is run and pray that Sae doesn’t catch you, even hiding in a closet in one tense scene. Did I mention that you don’t have your camera? 

Written by: Will Flynn

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