Friday, 21 June 2013

Overtime - Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

A few weeks ago I found the first episode of the puzzle game, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery, on the Playstation Network for the Vita for less than 3 dollars.  I was immediately drawn in by the colourful visuals and quirky toy tin soldier design to characters, but what I was mostly interested in was the setting.  Jacob Jones is sent off to a summer camp called Camp Eagle Feather to meet new friends and have fun, but strange things happen upon his arrival to the camp and it isn’t long before Jacob is involved in an awesome adventure that any kid his age would dream about.

 Each character you meet is as crazy and interesting as the next, except the P.E. teacher whom can get on your nerves pretty fast with his constant verbal assaults on anything and everything.  Your room mates are hilarious and fun to talk to, while maintain and childish charm to them; Deathkill in particular is a character I love to hate.  After meeting everyone at the camp you immediately begin your search for Bigfoot, and find him you do, upside down in a tree whistling tunes to you.

Once you understand each other‘Biggie’, as he likes to be called, is a lot of fun to talk to and has you solving rather hilarious puzzles at times.  He is by far my favourite character to talk and interact with.  To bring him along with you during the day he dresses up as a nine foot tall dog, and no one seems to mind which adds to the chuckles you will get from this title. From there your adventure really begins, filled with puzzles reminiscent of Professor Layton but with a lot more colour and simplicity.  

That being said, the puzzles do vary dramatically from moving a totem pole around a room to squash all the cheer leaders (absurdly hard), to rearranging the power outlet to light up with campgrounds (incredibly easy).  Some puzzles require extremely precise movements to pass and can get frustrating, since there is only one correct path to take.  This leads to a lot of resetting of puzzles and a few too many phone calls to your big brother.  Other than these select few, the game offers a nice challenge and fun story to back it up with that keeps me coming back over and over again. 

- Will Flynn

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