Friday, 28 June 2013

Overtime - Resistance 3

Being a bit of a PS3 fan, it should come as no surprise that I have played the Resistance series; in fact I am currently on yet another playthough of the third in the series.  When the PS3 was first launched we received a deep, innovative, and visually impressive first-person-shooter in the form of Resistance.

As good and ground breaking as the first game was, Resistance 2 massively dropped the ball and really ended up leaving the player(s) feeling underwhelmed and cheated.  Resistance 2 was such a letdown that very few people were drawn to Resistance 3, but when you finally worked up the courage to put yourself out there and test the waters of the welcome, yet cold looking lake, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.  Resistance 3 managed to take everything good from the first game, completely eliminate everything from the second, and also cook up some new innovative features.

On my first play through of Resistance 3 I was amazed at my ability to completely ignore time and direct all my attention to saving the world from the Chimera infestation.  The sheer weight of the entire planet on your shoulders was not overwhelming or exhausting, but exciting and exhilarating.  Joe is an average, post-apocalyptic guy who wants nothing more than to love, be loved and mess up aliens.  When the Chimera come knocking though, Joe is forced to separate from his family and save the world from the unwelcome invaders, being unsure of his family’s or his own fate.

The way Insomniac gave you a plethora of unique and classic weapons was just the beez kneez.  Everything, from the classic WWII combat rifle to the unfair Auger, was just so well designed and actually felt as if they had a weight; so powerful and yet smooth that it made tears come out of my face.  The go-to gun in the Resistance series was the Bullseye; its ability to tag and then annihilate anything was so satisfying that you rarely ever wanted to use a different gun… until you ran out of ammo and your hand was forced to use a different gun.  This lead to me becoming addicted to just about every weapon in the game and finding myself in an internal war with myself over which gun to bind myself to.  Every gun in the game felt individual and different from the previous and had its own appeal.  The Atomizer had the ability to make you feel indestructible and run into a crowd of Chimera whilst feeling completely in control; the Cryogun, an effectively a flamethrower that uses ice instead of fire, genius.

Now let’s not forget about the environment.  An alien invasion has never looked so unsafe yet beautiful at the same time.  From a city in ruins to tranquil snow fields surrounding a Chimera mega hive, everything was so rich and so full of detail that you felt a complex mix of fear, excitement and joy through the entire game.  The level designs were fantastic, and each area had its own style and feel to it. You could do anything, from long range sniping to sneaking around a wooded glen dodging spotlights and Chimera alike, it was all integrated into the game and the mechanics were just about flawless.  But fear not, Resistance 3 did not fall short when it came to running out, guns blazing, into an area full of Chimera.

In the end, Resistance 3 is one of the few first person shooters’ campaign that I feel is worth playing through a 2nd, 3rd,and for me now a 5th time.  This is no game to be ignored, and is well worth your time.

- Frank van der Merwe


  1. aww, i really should pick up this game as I love the franchise but as you said the second game wasn't as interesting. I really enjoyed the multiplayer mode in that game though... does the third have something similar with the whole team pve

    1. There was a roulette of game types that players could vote on or possibly even create at one stage, but the online community has died off so you cant even get a game of death match going.
      The story mode it still fantastic in co-op though!