Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Preview - Dying Light

Dying Light, recently revealed at E3 2013, is a first-person action survival horror game developed by Techland(Call of Juarez and Dead Island).  Set in a post-apocalyptic world, your hero must fight to survive by collecting supplies during the day, and fighting off hordes of the undead during the night. 

In the announcement trailer, we see four characters in a race for supplies and weapons while using parkour to escape the ever present monsters.  A fast and frantic pace will have to be set to keep up with moving between buildings via leaps and bounds, running and grappling up walls and even hurdling onto your enemies, otherwise Dying Light may fall short.

An open world environment with a sundry of monsters and landscapes are a given in Techland's previous franchises.  The fact that the day and night cycle is a key point to the story means that the settings are going to be that much more detailed and interactive.  Zombies are always present in this alternate reality, but during the night even more horrifying creatures come out to play.

The characters and weapons are also going to be diverse.  The four characters are most likely going to be somewhat similar to the ones in Dead Island, with various strong points, and hopefully have a more stat based skill tree for weapons, crafting and more.  So far we know there is going to be a massive variety of weapons, which can be crafted upon, that allows players to develop their own play style.  Customisation and upgrades can be added not only to regular light and heavy weapons, but also to guns and any other types of firepower.  

Dying Light may not have been the most revered announcement of E3 2013, but it has certainly made me eager; being able to use everything in the open world environment as some sort of escape or weapon should be exhilarating.  Techland have already made fun open world games and if this can be more than just fun, such as also having a serious story and an immersing world, this might not end up as just another zombie game.  Good Night and Good Luck, Dying Light.

-Steff Webb

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