Thursday, 27 June 2013

Preview - The Evil Within

When Shinji Mikami announced he was working on a new horror game, I almost exploded with excitement.  The Evil Within (known as Psychobreak in Japan) is set to follow on from the foundation built by Resident Evil 4.  I must have played through Resident Evil 4 two dozen times and I still go back every now and then for some mercenary mode; it has been considered one of the best games ever made, and I for one believe it is.  What is known about The Evil Within is simple enough, a survival horror game that goes back to the roots of the genre, and proves that the market is still ready and willing (The Last of Us being a prime example).

You begin your journey as Detective Sebastian, heading to a horrifying crime scene; once there you watch as your fellow officers are torn to shreds in front of you, unable to save any of them from an agonising fate.  It is a classic Japanese horror tail sowing extreme and grotesque violence with a subtle psychological horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

A variety of monsters are at hand to give you a scare, each with their own sneaky and terrifying tactics to give you a nasty surprise.  As a player your are given a choice as to how to approach some situates, do you shoot the downed enemies to ensure it is dead and waste a bullet or to you risk a surprise attack by getting close enough to burn them with a match or torch.  These encounters add dynamic layers to the game allowing you to have at least a slightly different experience with each enemy.

Since the announcement trailer, Tango Gameworks has shown off a large amount of gameplay that demonstrates the classic Mikami style.  Each room is decorated with rusted tables, chains, and blood stained floors that look like they are about to reach out and grab you.  This is just adding more layers to the games atmosphere which Mikami is renowned for.

The Evil Within is currently being launched on all platforms and will hopefully be out late this year.

- Will Flynn

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