Tuesday, 25 June 2013

RETROspect - God of War

As a Fan of beat ‘em ups and hack ‘n’ slash games, I cannot pass by the opportunity to talk about God of War in my first RETROspect.  Unfortunately I did not get to play this iconic series on the PS2, and only played them after number 3 was released, with 1 and 2 in a HD collection.  Because of this though, I was able to play them in a quick succession and may or may not have overdosed on Kratos.

I absolutely love all of the God of War games, learning Kratos’ story; fighting Gods, thugs and mythical creatures; and upgrading his weapons and skills/magic are just a small part of what makes it so unforgettable.  The first game however, is what really made it for me.

From the first Hydra fight for Poseidon, to a war-torn Athens, Pandora’s Temple, the Underworld, and finally back to Athens to battle against the God of War himself, Ares, I was on the edge of my seat with a mixture of emotions.  Sorrow, at the injustice of it all; horror, at what Kratos has done and been through; and excitement, at the prospect of his redemption.

Santa Monica Studios didn’t keep me playing for just the story though.  The combat flowed and worked perfectly with my button mashing combinations, and upgrading the skills gifted from the Gods gave me the personalisation that I crave as a gamer.  Boss battles with quick time events and puzzles that sometimes had me thinking outside the box also played a massive part in my appeal of the God of War franchise.  Even the other characters and separate locations had me wanting to know more.  Thankfully I had a few more games to play once I had beaten the first in the series.

Kratos’ story, life, fighting style and personality had me hooked from the very start of his first fight and he still keeps me coming back for more, even after multiple playthroughs.  Thinking back on it, I cannot believe that it has only been 3 years since I put the original God of War into my PS3, it feels like much longer. 

- Steff Webb 

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