Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Top 10 - Saddest Gaming Deaths

This is my personal list of saddest deaths in games I have personally experienced. So if I haven't played the game or ever played up to the point of the persons death, then they aren't going to be on my list.

10. Dylan – Dino Crisis 2
After surviving the entire story mode of Dino Crisis with your pal Dylan in toe, it was a tough pill to swallow when he stayed behind to be with a young girl as she died in a fiery explosion (who turned out to be his daughter from the future).

9. Jackie – Sleeping Dogs
When Jackie died in sleeping dogs it hit you, as a player, as hard as it hit Wei Shen.  His death was not a quick one and to make matters worse, he had been speaking to you in the last few missions about leaving and marrying his girlfriend to open a shop together.

8. Luis Sera – Resident Evil 4
Another death that blindsided me, the scene is quite short but still painful to think about, Luis risks his life to bring you the antidote only to die seconds before handing it to you.  The gaping hole in his chest didn’t help the matter.

7. Ocelot – Metal Gear 4
The brutal boss fight that answered so many of my questions and cleared away so much fog in the Metal  Gear universe had me watching in awe as the fight climaxed and Ocelot said his catchphrase one last time.  It was not so much heartbreaking as it was a humbling experience to participate in, kind of like saying good bye to an old friend.

6. Sully – Uncharted 3
Sully’s death left me in a state of shock, there was no scream or sad good bye with Drake, a single gunshot rang out and Sully fell down, wide eyed in disbelief.  People who have played Uncharted 3 will understand why this is not in my top 3, but I was sobbing.  Just a little bit.

5. Jack – Bioshock
If you played through the first Bioshock rescuing all the little sisters, then you were treated to one of the sweetest and saddest cinematic ever crafted.  It was a simple as Jack laying on his death bed as an old man with all the little sisters he rescued, now grown up, watching over him.

4. Akemi – Red Ninja
Even though you have been murdering people left right and centre throughout the campaign of Red Ninja, when your young friend is brutally shot down in front of you, it was still a shock.  Her dying words shocked your heart as she slowly bleeds to death “But a ninja can never die…”

3. Zeke – Infamous 2
I originally played through Infamous 2 with good karma, so the dark karma ending was so unbelievable; I had to put my controller down when the conversation between Cole and Zeke began.  As a last ditch effort to save humanity from a destructively over powered Cole, Zeke raises his gun to his once close friend, his last words were: “I’ve gotta try.”

2. John Marston – Red Dead Redemption
Not a lot needs to be said about one of the most iconic deaths of this generation in gaming, I still can’t bring myself to finish the game a second time.

1. Bill – Left 4 Dead
I’m going to come out right and say it, after reading the comic that leads up to the mission and then playing through it, I cried like a baby.  If you haven’t already seen the comics get them because they are fantastic, even if they are heartbreaking.

- Will Flynn

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