Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Top 10 - Weapons in Ratchet and Clank

The Ratchet and Clank series has to have some of the best and most memorable weapons in game history.  This list is my Top 10 favourite/most used weapons so far, not including upgrades, in no particular order as I don’t think I could number them.

Agents of Doom 
This one is definitely a handy weapon to have in your quick select; the Agents of Doom are basically homing robots that explode on impact.  They are a great distraction while you are in need of ammo for other more powerful weapons, but do plenty of damage themselves.

Buzz Blades 
The Buzz Blades are one of the most enjoyable weapons in game, the saw blades ricochet off enemies, walls and everything else they come into contact with.  In Tools of Destruction the Buzz blades had a massive ammo capacity and fired extremely fast, but my favourite version of this gun was definitely A Crack in Time, where the blades did a lot more damage and homed into enemies that they had ricocheted off.

Pyro Blaster 
The Pyro Blaster, or Pyrociter in the first game, is a staple weapon for me every time I play any of the Ratchet and Clank games.  Particularly handy while fighting enemies of the small and weak variety that tend to pop out in hordes, it also does great damage to any other enemy and holds quite a lot of ammo.

Groovitron Glove 
I don’t think it’s possible for a weapon or gadget to get any more splendid than one that forces your enemies to dance.  Not only does it technically stun them so that you can easily defeat them, but it gives you entertainment as well.  My favourite use of this is either on a mass of enemies or on one really big robot/tank. 

Blitz Gun
The first few levels of Going Commando were sped along with the help of the Blitz gun and while upgrading, I grew to love it as it is a great all round weapon.  In later games only the Shard Reaper has come close to my love for the Blitz.

I am a close quarter fighter for those of you who didn’t know, so I always use the OmniWrench.  Whether the situation calls for it or not, Ratchet will always barge into battle with his trusted Wrench when I am playing.

This is a revolving rocket launcher, seriously!  This over powered gun is my go to distance weapon in Q Force (or Full Frontal Assault for those of you in the US).

Mr. Zurkon 
Who doesn’t love Mr. Zurkon? A combat designed robot, fuelled by his drive to kill, who floats along beside your Lombax in battle and delivers amazing one-liners and taunts.  “Mr. Zurkon will read your fortune.  Your fortune is death by Mr. Zurkon.”

From the original Ratchet and Clank, all the way to its latest appearance in Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royal; this weapon screams over the top, as well as 1812 Overture in its later versions.  Not much can beat the feeling of pulling out a R.Y.N.O. mid battle and absolutely destroying everyhting, especially if that enemy is Chairman Drek.  If you have yet to use or see the R.Y.N.O in action, look it up! It will Rip Ya a New One!


I mean, this morphs your enemies into chickens, and then you can kill the chickens if you want too!  Once upgraded to the Gold Morph-O-Ray, this turns them into massive chickens.  I don’t particularly like chickens, so being able to kill them in one of my favourite games has to be the icing on the cake.

-Steff Webb

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