Thursday, 25 July 2013

Preview - Pokémon X and Y

The newest title in the Pokémon franchise will be released in September this year;  X and Y are the first to be released on the 3DS for the main series and look to bring more than just 3D graphics to the table.

In the ever changing, ever nostalgic, universe of Pokémon we constantly see evolution, some good and some not so good.  So far, X and Y is providing fans with a reason to be excited again.  Every sneak peek and trailer has shown us just a little bit more and the latest footage revealed on Pokémon Smash TV has given yet another glimpse into the new region, gameplay and footage of some of the new Pokémon.

The battle animations seem to be what we have been waiting for, with more actual animation, and I can only hope the 3D features will improve the immersion in the series.  Battles have also gained two more styles, Sky battles and Horde battles; the former only able to be fought with flying types and the latter are encounters with up to 5 wild Pokémon.  The graphics have been greatly improved, being designed specifically for the 3DS, thankfully taking a step away from the original region design while keeping much of what has made it accessible to gamers.  With more interaction in the world, somehow feeling even more RPG like, even old fans will be falling for the loveable series once again.

The most obvious change is the new regions Pokémon.  Kalos even comes with new type of Pokémon (fairy-type) with the previously announced eighth evolution of Eevee included. So far we know of 27 new Pokémon, including the starters, and each looks just as crazy or cute as the last.  The most exciting change though, is the character customisation, giving us the option to customise our trainer’s skin tone, hair, and even their accessories and outfits.

If you are anything like me, not only are you hanging out to play the latest in an awesome series but you will have already picked which version (X for me) and starter Pokémon (I can’t refuse fire-type Fennekin) you are going to start your adventure with.  September cannot come fast enough and with information regularly announced the hype will continue to grow.  We can all only hope X and Y will live up to the high standard Game Freak has set itself.

 - Steff Webb

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