Monday, 8 July 2013

Top 10 - Ways to Die in Minecraft

Minecraft is a great way to relax, build, explore and use your imagination.  Problems come into play, though, when you die and either need to respawn and race back to collect your items, or start a new world because this was your hardcore world.  These are my worst ways to die in Minecraft, and most of these have happened to me more times than I can count.

10.  Hunger

Definitely one of the worst ways to die, mainly because it is just so preventable.  If you forget to take food with you while exploring a cave or making tunnels, you better hope you don’t get lost.  The amount of times hunger has killed me is sad.

9.  Drowning

This shouldn’t happen often, as it is easy enough to swim to the surface or create an air pocket, but when it does happen you feel ridiculously silly.


8.  Skeleton

There are so many different hostile mobs in Minecraft, and many of them can do more damage than the skeleton.  Unfortunately it is all too easy for their Bow and Arrow to cover a distance, and when this catches you unaware, down you go.

7.  Lava

In both the Overworld and the Nether lava can be a pain, especially if you don’t pay much attention.  Digging into, running towards, and even falling into it, has killed me more times than I can count.

6.  Zombies and Zombie Hordes

Zombies quite like the taste of your villagers, and of course you, so while setting up or taking over a village it is important to have plenty of light sources.  Otherwise zombies will travel in hordes to break down you doors to come after your villagers, and while acting the hero, it is easy enough to become overwhelmed and become the midnight snack yourself.

5.  Falling

Really I should just call this, drowning and lava carelessness because that is the main reason that this will kill you.  Though it is also possible to overshoot a ladder and not make it back in time, or underestimate a jump and fall to your death. 

4.  Slime

It is a sad day when slime kills you, but nevertheless it can happen.  As they break down into smaller and more slimes it can become easy enough to miss a few, and finding yourself against a gang of very small slimes hopping at you making jelly sounds is a painfully annoying way to die.

3.  Enderman

Honestly, the Enderman actually frightens me on a regular basis, they make creepy sounds and seem to appear out for no-where and all while holding a block, eek.  When you find a random block in, or taken out of your house you know that you need to be on the lookout.  This has got to be the way I have died the most in Minecraft, as I will often just freeze up at the sight of one.

2.  Creeper

Creepers are not exactly hard to kill, and because of this I like to hunt them down and use their gunpowder to make TNT.  I especially don’t like creepers in or near my Village scaring my townsfolk and destroying stuff.  It is too bad that one wrong swing of my enchanted diamond sword can break something else, and ‘BOOM, Headshot!’

1.  Ender Dragon

I have only twice actually got to The End to fight the Ender Dragon.  Fighting him on my first attempt was disastrous and, of course, I died.  The amount I was disappointed is comparable to finding out the cake was actually a lie.  I ended up in Creative and went straight to The End so I could, at least once, destroy the Dragon like it did me.  This is number one because I don’t ever want to do this fight again, and it was by far my worst death.

-Steff Webb

*The texture pack I'm using is OzoCraft.*

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