Monday, 15 July 2013

Top 10 - Super Arts in Street Fighter X Tekken

Asuka – Kishin Enbu

I’m not sure if it's the bone splintering crunch of each blow, or the epic coat hanger Asuka delivers at the end of her combo that I find more impressive. Actually, it’s the coat hanger, defiantly the coat hanger.

Chun-Li – Senretsukyaku

Chun-Li delivers a huge flurry of kicks (as she is famous for) that slams her opponent back and then launches then in the air with a huge double kick straight to the face. It is not as flashy as her Kikosho energy blast, but it is powerful enough to beat down even the strongest bad guy.

Rufus – Big Bang Typhoon

Big Bang Typhoon is great for one simple reason; Rufus looks ridiculous while doing it. He spins his extreme girth around in circles, launching his arms out in all directions faster than you can blink; all while his head stays dead centered, staring straight at you. Hilarious.

Poison – Love Storm

This is a super that I enjoy using on friends when we play on the couch, and ends much in the same way a date with Poison would go: surprise, humiliation, and someone crying in the corner.

Kuma – Fatal Wind

Kuma farts in his opponents face. Words cannot describe how funny this is, you just have to see it for yourself. Seriously. Google it.

Sagat – Tiger Genocide

Sagat's super is one epic show of power, being able to scoop a falling person out of the air and straight back up is awesome enough. Sagat then delivers the final blow that leaves opponent with a goofy look on their face and in a lot of pain.

King – Muscle Buster

King is a powerful grappler and anyone who plays Tekken knows the kinds of combo’s he is capable of. A single grab could mean the end for you so when you see him begin his super animation, prepare for a world of pain. The Muscle buster is on par with Zangiefs flying pile driver, utterly spectacular to look at.

Zangief – Final Atomic Buster

Zangief has always been an awesome character to me but have always sucked playing as him. I can’t deny how epic his special moves look. The Final Atomic Buster throws the laws of gravity out the window and sees Zangief launch himself high above the level in one jump (after delivering two powerful  German suplexes) to bring his opponent down on their heads for a crushing defeat

Kazuya /Jin – Devil beam

I have always been a fan of eye beams since my Dragon Ball days and there is now exception here. Both Kazuya and Jin have this ability and both are as epic looking as each other. Tapping into their devil powers, a huge blast of red energy is release from there eye’s to annihilate there opponents.

Akuma – Misogi

Akuma has two awesome supers, but I prefer this particular one for the sheer awesomeness left in its wake. He launches himself in the air and brings his fist down in one huge punch right into his enemies face. Not only is this move virtually impossible to dodge, but in SNK vs Capcom, it was unblockable as well!

-William Flynn

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