Saturday, 10 August 2013

Guild Wars 2 Living World

Guild Wars 2 has one of the most fun and evolving worlds in an MMO, ever.  Every two weeks more content is released; adding more events, weapons, achievements, and more story.  This is called ‘Living World’, and even if you have not followed it from the very start it is easy to jump in and play.

The last event, before the Queen’s Jubilee, was actually an election (titled Cutthroat Politics) where the player base voted for a new member of the Captains Council between two prominent NPC members, Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade.  Both parties vied for support and in the end it was a close race with Kiel taking the seat.  All of this was held in a new area on the massive map of Tyria, reached via boat, with new markets and battle arenas and even a race which could earn your character a new title.

Starting on August 6, 2013, Queen Jennah began to hold a celebration event for the tenth anniversary of her coronation.  This event has opened up yet another new area, the Crown Pavilion – located in Divinity’s Reach, the human Main City – where players fight against the Queen’s Champions and show off their skills in the Queen’s Gauntlet.  There are even Hot Air balloons and races against time to light beacons across the city, both coming with special commemorative items.

One of my favourite aspects of Guild Wars 2 are the achievements; they can be unlocked by doing any number of things and often require a bit of time to accomplish.  There are Daily, Monthly, PvP, Slaying, and a number of others, but each new ‘Living World’ story will contain even more.  There are roughly 40 new achievements in the Queen’s Jubilee and Gauntlet to aim for, some with special items, others continuing to add to your total score and reward chest.

The fact that you do not need to be a level 80 character with ridiculously strong amour and legendary weapons to participate really sets the ‘Living World’ events apart for me.  Being level 80 may keep you alive longer, but the Guild Wars 2 community is very friendly and will rarely leave you downed.  Like the rest of Guild Wars 2 areas and events scale players to be the same level, so you can still compete with your friends or the community in general.  It does not matter if you prefer not to jump into the crazy discussions or be in a party, in large group events you can be a team player without actually being in a team.

The Queen’s Jubilee is the newest in event in an enormous evolving story.  So far it has been a massive amount of fun and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

 - Steff Webb

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