Thursday, 1 August 2013

Overtime - Metro: Last Light DLC Factions Pack

Metro Last Light launched its first DLC in the middle of July called The Faction Pack.  Boasting three story missions for the extremely low price of $7.80, each story mission can easily be broken down into bite size representations of the main campaign.  Taking place during the story of Last Light, you get to play through some familiar locations from a different perspective.

The first mission is called Heavy Squad and has you stepping into the shoes of a Nazi shock trooper during the assault on D6, with chain gun in hand you are tasked with holding your ground and mowing down anything that moves.  Things became more complicated for me when snipers started raining death, luckily I discovered a Rail Gun off to the side (they don’t mention it’s there until it is too late, if at all) but you have to charge it as well as reload which takes far too long.  I found myself regularly trying to huddle against cover to reload one of my guns while getting my head blown off because the wall is about a foot tall.  This is my main complaint about playing the Heavy Squad DLC; most of your deaths are unavoidable because you can’t reach cover.  This mission is by far the weakest of the three, and what keeps it from being a blast are a few glitches and game design flaws that seem mostly localised to this part of the DLC.  The most obvious being the frozen animation your chain gun gets while firing or the square shapes that seem to appear off every puff of smoke or splash of water (the funniest being a huge pink square the spirals around one of the corpses).

Part two of the DLC pack is called Kshatriya; you are on a mission to collect artefacts from the surface, being listed to you by your employer, in the hopes of preserving Russian history.  The more artefacts you find the more money you make, which in turn allows you to buy weapons, body armour, filters and ammo.  It is a simple task that is made so much better by the location; you are headed into the great library from Metro: 2033 to face off against the librarians and discover its secrets.  Items vary from nude posters, to history books, to children’s toys; the value of each item differs so I found myself collecting everything and hauling it back to base for a fat pay check.  Kshatriya is the longest mission and has received the most polish (a few audio/visual glitches still occurred) of the three DLC’s available, and with different weapons and customization options the replay value is high.  My advice to anyone venturing into the Great Library for the first time is this: buy the heavy body armour and pay attention to the ceiling.

The last mission is the Communist Sniper Team, this plays off of Metro’s stealth segments, sneaking and sniping your way into a Nazi base.  Timing is important and my biggest problem was keeping an eye on which way the tower sentries were facing so I could take them out without being noticed.  Once I began to learn the patterns it became a cake-walk, virtually every enemy is looking away from you (besides the tower sentries) and are about as intelligent as a broken log.  Blowing someone’s head off right in front of their friend seams to spark the slightest interest, until they run for the warning bell.  That being said, this is probably why I like the Sniper Team mission; it’s simple, and you feel badass for succeeding.

At the price of $7.80 I feel like I have gotten more than what I paid for.  Even if the content isn’t polished and perfect, getting a concentrated hit of the elements that made Last Light great, has brought me back to the game repeatedly.  Spending hours walking through the great library looking for artefacts has been the highlight of my time with The Faction Pack and I will be venturing back there for some time to come.

 - Will Flynn

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