Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Preview - Puppeteer

Puppeteer is a side-scroller with a difference; combining an interesting and unique dark fairy tale story with fantastic gameplay features that build on the tried and true formula of the genre.  The game is being developed by SCE Japan Studio with Gavin Moore as its director (Forbidden Siren) exclusively for PlayStation 3.

The dark undertone for the game is established early; the ever brooding Moon Bear King steals the souls of children to serves as puppet servants in his castle.  Our unfortunate hero, Kutaro, angers the King and has his head torn off as the result, leading him to meet with a magical witch who tells Kutaro about the powerful scissors Calibrus.  Kutaro is lead into a dangerous labyrinth to find and claim the scissors, discovering the witch has sent many children to their doom for the same reason.

Puppeteer has you scrolling across levels built from a stage set, complete with red curtains and strings to hold platforms in place.  Kutaro utilises the magical scissors to cut his path forward on his adventure to regain his head from the Moon Bear King, and return to his home.  Calibrus is capable of cutting through fabrics, paper, and other materials to reach high places, move to new levels, and to get into striking distance with enemies.  Combat is built around the unique heads you find scattered and hidden in the game, each head has a different purpose and ability with one hundred to find and collect.

The games visuals are a mix of Little Big Planet and a dark fairy tale book, creating an interesting mix of colourful and wonderful visuals with a spooky undertone that is unique to Puppeteer.  Children and adults alike should take notice of this one of a kind side-scroller.

 - Will Flynn

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