Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad - Final Round Review

When it comes to movie cash-ins, Turbo: Super Stunt Squad hits every nail on the head; it looks cheap, it feels cheap, and it’s boring to boot.

Turbo provides the bare minimum required for a game, even as movie tie-ins go, it is incredibly weak.  All the essentials are there; you can play as characters from the movie, and there are some levels that are familiar from the movie, as well as objectives to complete.  There is no story mode to speak of and only two game modes; a time trial, where you are given three minutes to complete objectives which can unlock further levels, and a free roam mode where you can explore the small levels and maybe do some tricks, objectives are also removed. 

The game feels like an incredibly dumbed down skating game, which is weird since the movie is about racing.  The tricks you are able to pull out you can count on one hand, limiting gameplay to nothing more that slithering around and jumping on and off furniture.  The controls are smooth to the games credit, as there have been more than a few games in the past that could not master the art of jumping.

Even the objectives are brainless, get a score of a certain amount, find salsa packets or other random objects based in that level or jump over something. They do have a slight variation from level to level but they all fall under these same categories every time making the gameplay incredibly repetitive.  Completing many objectives unlocks the next level, with six in total, or unlocks additional characters, and all objectives are available every time you play the time trial.

Turbo has amazingly average visuals, but thankfully has a decent colour palate which sticks closer to the movie; unfortunately, it looks nowhere near as slick as its big screen counterpart.

There may be a fun factor in here for any young kid that loved the movie (no less than absolutely love, I assure you), but for anyone else you can probably have more fun racing actual snails.

Final Round Rating  -  4/10

- Will Flynn

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