Friday, 11 October 2013

F1 2013 - Final Round Review

F1 2013 is an average game that does a poor job of bringing the world of Formula 1 to the living room.

From the moment the game starts up with the opening cinematic I found myself thrown off by screen tearing and frame rate issues.  This doesn’t ruin the playability of the game, but the texture pop-ins are only marginally short of unbearable.  When the grass or gravel suddenly decides to appear on the side of the track it is downright distracting.  The real cherry on the cake, though, is the landscapes; trees and mountains are 2D and the surrounding buildings and spectators look acceptable, for maybe the last console generation.  Thankfully the road looks pretty decent.

After making it through the intro and finally into the game you get the option to choose between 3 racing teams: Ferrari, McLaren, and Red Bull Racing.  This leads into a mediocre scene with your pit crew working on your car and the mandatory tutorials (including watching videos on how to corner, ect.).

It is possible to quit to the main menu to find the other game modes, though.  The additional modes, other than the Career Mode, include: Grand Prix, Time Trials, Scenario and the new addition of Classic Mode.  Classic mode pretty much puts the same gameplay on the same track in slightly slower, older cars with a different HUD and a slight sepia tint.

It sometimes feels as if F1 2013 just doesn’t know where it should fit in, is it a simulation or an arcade racer?  It doesn’t really hit either style.  There is absolutely no visual vehicle damage, and what wear there is, is internal and displayed on the HUD.  This doesn’t cut it, we should see a change to the car and feel our mistakes, not just have the car look 100% but drive like a bumper car on a gravel road.

In any racing game, simulation or otherwise, the cars are understandably important.  There is a respectable amount of choice with cars and drivers, but there is nothing particularly unique or even enjoyable about them.  When it is hard to read the sponsor stickers on the cars due to low resolution pixels, you know something’s not right.  These details might not annoy everyone, but it’s enough to lower the enjoyment for many people.

Although the franchise has been going steady, F1 2013 isn’t up to scratch.  It feels like the last few entries in the series have not progressed, other than a very few technical and visual upgrades.  If you are a Formula 1 fan and have enough love for the sport, you may find this somewhat entertaining, maybe.

Final Round Rating: 5/10

 - Frank van der Merwe

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