Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Resident Evil.Net

When Resident Evil 6 launched in late September 2012 (due to a street date break) Capcom had prepared a lot of buzz for ResidentEvil.Net and how its features would become essential for gamers participating in its multiplayer.

Resident Evil.Net is an online service that brings players together to compete and participate in online events giving each participant rewards for breaking high scores, toping leader boards and for participation.  It offers extended online replay value for both Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Revelations.

To use RE.NET you are required to sign up, create a profile, and attach said profile with your gaming account (PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam).  By doing this you can sync your account regularly, allowing your participation in events and the completion of missions to be recorded and points awarded to your account.  These points go towards unlocking rewards for in-game use and profile customisation.  Even logging in regularly will reward you with a nice bonus, which continues to grow each consecutive day you log in.

Events range from completing missions as fast as possible, to hunting down certain enemy kills.  My favourite so far was the event requiring every player on the network to fight and kill 100,000 J’avo in a single week.  I didn’t think this would be quite so successful, but within the seven days we had managed to take down the J’avo threat and were all rewarded for our help in the cause (with the highest kill count members receiving bonuses).

Resident Evil: Revelations was added to the service with its release early 2013 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, providing additional unlocks and more events to participate in.  With an incredibly different gameplay the variations in events expanded, bringing a welcome breath of fresh air.  Personally, I find Revelations to have more enjoyable events competitively and recommend it highly.

The main reason to participate is the rewards; they can be pretty awesome, and the ability to unlock in-game content beats the hell out of paying for it online.  Each character has an unlockable EX costume, which is a variation of the already unlockable costume available in-game.  Going back to Revelations, a source of reward is the capability to unlock a substantial range of weapons, weapon skins and custom parts.  As for unlocks on your account there is a possibility for wallpapers, new diorama pieces, and building your own personal outbreak.

I hope that Capcom will broaden their attempts to create a populated online community, with changes that chip away at the clutter of tabs and links as well as speeding up the site.  A more streamlined profile where people can easily access and view your feats would also be a nice addition, that way you can show-off your badassery in different evens. 

If you are unsure whether RE.NET is worth your time, consider the fact that it is completely free and will add some spice to the multiplayer.  The unlockables are only a small reason to sign up; a common goal with the community brings a sense of accomplishment that is otherwise unseen outside of small groups and clans.  Resident Evil.Net keeps me coming back to Revelations when I might have otherwise walked away.

- Will Flynn

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